Member Spotlights

Alison Ceplo

Member since: 2021
Nickname: Swiper
How did you get your nickname? Depends who you ask. If you need to know more details I'm glad to tell you the story.
What bike do you ride?
Honda rebel 1100 DCT
Favorite GSG moment:
That's a really hard one; I've had phenomenal moments at different times with all of the ladies. But I would have to say my favorite moment, would be The first time I rode in IFRD. Getting to see the line of pink and thinking how cool it is to be part of this.
What do you do outside of GSG? I am a certified MSF instructor on weekends that I'm not riding with GSG ladies. During the weekdays I am the director of infant toddler girls for Wonder Nation sold at Walmart. I also craft and like to be creative whenever I can.

Joanne Luna Surowiec

Member since: 2019
Nickname: Boots
How did you get your Nickname? On a trip to Vermont, I dropped my bike and twisted my ankle.  I should have worn my better boots.  Now I always do.  All the gear, all the time.
What bike do you ride? 
2018 Honda CTX700 DCT
Favorite GSG moment:  One of my first trips; we went camping at Steel Steeds in Pennsylvania.  I had such a sense of accomplishment and genuine fun.
What do you do outside of GSG?  I'm a stay at home mom.  I have a mail order business, volunteer at a local Elks & run my dog's Instagram account, @wonderdog3 =o)

Edith Thompson

Member since: 2016
Nickname: Grandma
How did you get your Nickname?
I became the a first time grandmother while in the group 
What bike do you ride? 
Was a Yamaha 2011 Stryker 1100cc.  
Favorite GSG moment: GSG putting together my daughter's surprise baby shower.  We are one big family of great ladies! 
What do you do outside of GSG? Play Bingo and spend time with the grandkids
Why I became a member of GSG:
I loved the fact that it wasn't always about riding, but also doing community events and fundraisers.

Pat Alonso

Member since:  August 2020
Nickname:  Sidecar
How did you get your Nickname?  
Because I have a Ural motorcycle with a sidecar
What bike do you ride?  
Indian scout 2015 and Ural gear-up 2018
Favorite GSG moment:  
The 2020 trip to Vermont
What do you do outside of GSG?  I enjoy creating lamps from vintage items and work on both car and bike models

Nat Viso

Member since:  January 2017
Nickname:  Derby
How did you get your Nickname?  My derby cover flew off, mid-ride,  while on a trip to TN
What bike do you ride?  
2016 Harley Superlow 1200T
Favorite GSG moment:  Every overnight trip
What do you do outside of GSG?  
Teach high school English 

Mercedes Meglio

Member since:  March 2014
Nickname:  Queen Bee
How did you get your Nickname?  Leader of the worker bees! LOL =o) 
What bike do you ride?  
2018 Honda Goldwing ,
2016 Honda CTX700,
2004 Ridley Autoglide 750

Favorite GSG moment: 
2018 NYC Pride Parade
What do you do outside of GSG?  Wife and Mother of three